Want to ghostwrite John McAfee’s autobiography? Applications are open, but you’re not allowed a life

John McAfee wants help writing his memoir. The job comes with a fairly significant condition…

Controversial cryptocurrency supporter John McAfee has led something of a busy life. From founding – and making his fortune through – the internet security company that bears his name, to his numerous brushes with the law and, more recently, his US Presidential run, there’s a lot of story to tell. What’s more, the man is intending to tell it, having confirmed that he’s working on his autobiography.

Thing is, this is a project that’s not going to plan.

McAfee had hired a ghostwriter to work with him on the project, and he’s just announced that he’s given them the heave-ho. The problem? They were apparently overwhelmingly naïve and immature. The ghostwriter in question hasn’t been named, but there is now a situation vacant.

What to do? Well, McAfee has taken to his Twitter feed, as he pursues the project, and hunts for a replacement. As per his Tweet, he’s now on the hunt for  a new writer to work with, and has set a nice, relaxed condition: you are not allowed any life whatsoever outside of your work if you want to apply. You’d imagine that might just narrow down the field a little.

McAfee has announced no timescale for the book, but he’s rarely a man to hang around once he’s decided to do something. If you reckon you’re the right person for the job, and you meet his criteria, then applications are currently being accepted at [email protected]

Don’t believe us? Here’s the Tweet…