Want to play crypto-bingo along with r/bitcoin? Now you can!

A Reddit user has produced a handy bingo card to help you through your day surfing the cryptocurrency news and markets.

Back in a previous life, during my time at another publisher, we used to sit in meetings and play a game we called B******* Bingo.

The rules were simple, every catchphrase or de riguer business term uttered by seniors got a tick-off on a sheet, with the winner getting to suppress a snigger in-front of the management.

It got us through some terrible, terrible brainstorms, base-touchings and briefings.

That’s why it has made me so happy to see that old traditions haven’t died out in the brave new world of Blockchain and digital news, and to see that Reddit user u/redpill_truths has seen fit to bring our old game back to the party.

Thus, they took to the oft-problematic, but always busy, r/bitcoin subreddit recently to publish their own ‘Bagholder Bingo’ card, for us all to play at home. Admittedly, it was designed as a troll of the users of r/cryptocurrency, but it can be applied by all of us who follow the crypto news.

And here it is.

Let’s see how quickly we can tick ’em all – and when you have, why not sit down and design your own? Hours of fun to be had by all!

u/redpill_truths, we salute you. Happy friday!