You’ll soon be able to use your Asus GPU to mine Bitcoin

This’ll tide your system over while the game’s installing…

Major tech company ASUS has announced a partnership with Quantum Cloud, so that users of its graphics card can mine cryptocurrencies.

As reported by TechRadar yesterday, the partnership will enable those with ASUS graphics cards to access the Quantum Cloud platform to check their digital wallet, set up automatic transfers and conversions, and set up different crypto-mining protocols all in the same place.

Quantum Cloud uses some of the user’s GPU power to run intensive cloud applications that generate profit for the platform. As a result, users will be able to earn a cut equivalent to the amount of power their GPU provides.

According to the company’s website, the user will receive daily returns that can be withdrawn from their existing PayPal or WeChat accounts, without the need to create additional logins.

Though miners usually need to tap several devices and a considerable amount of power to generate large sums, the inclusion will provide an accessible way for mining novices and gamers to utilise their GPU when it’s not being used.

ASUS also says that its graphics card provides a more secure mining tool compared to other tools, as customer data is protected under GDPR laws.

Last month, AMD also underwent its second outing in the crypto sphere, and released a series of new products dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies. It also partnered with ASUS to introduce eight new rigs, all designed to optimize the hash rate for blockchain mining.

Image: Bigstock