Young male professionals in Japan are embracing crypto in their droves

New research has revealed that 14 per cent of Japanese businessmen aged 25-30 currently own cryptocurrency.

The study by New R25 Research Institute (via CCN) interviewed 4,734 people of which 206 were drawn from the 640 who reported holding virtual currencies.

Around 25 per cent are beginners, while 72 per cent said that cryptocurrencies was just their latest investment activity. This makes sense in light of the 37.4 per cent who admitted buying crypto merely because it has become a trend. A further fifth of respondents did so because it has been recommended by a friend.

Unsurprisingly, a quarter of first-time investors purchased crypto during the last three months of 2017, when value spiked, and only 15 per cent have done so since the start of 2018.

It’s certainly an interesting look at how crypto is catching on in Japan, but we wonder how popular this type of investment is among older people, women or the working class.